Where to buy and sell handcrafted products online?

Handmade and craft goods are in high demand all around the world, so both the hobbyist and the business professional can profit from the different items that people can make and sell. Starting an e-commerce website and selling your crafts online has never been easier. As a result, you can start your own business almost immediately from the comfort of your own home.

Handmade goods sellers can list their items on specialized marketplaces. Businesses can connect with prospective customers as well as a community of like-minded producers and dealers there.

Here is a list of handcrafted products marketplaces that sell unique and special products:

  1. Riansh- Riansh is one of the top websites for buying and selling handmade goods. At the Riansh Store, you can find thousands of great handmade products made by the best local artisans.  
    Riansh Store is also one of the best platforms for selling handmade goods. Riansh believes in supporting local artisans and charges no commission to them. This makes the Riansh store the top website for selling handmade goods..https://rianshstore.com/
  2. Amazon- Only handcrafted items are available in Amazon’s handmade store. Once you’ve been accepted, Amazon will send you details on how to add Handmade to your account. Here, you can create a shop and list things for free. https://www.amazon.com/
  3. CraftsVilla – Traditional clothes including as sarees, handmade gift items, home decor, and accessories are all available on the website. Individual producers and artisans working with traditional Indian handicrafts and arts provide the products. This online marketplace intends to cut out the middlemen, boost local craftspeople’ and designers’ incomes, and assist them in developing and marketing their brands.https://www.craftsvilla.com/
  4. ItsyBitsy- Itsy Bitsy is noted for its baby items, art supplies like pens, paperpacks, and handcrafted items. The store is currently open for business. They also have a section dedicated to homemade objects, where artisans and other gifted individuals can produce and sell their own stuff to profit from the marketplace. https://itsybitsy.in/
  5. Kreate- It is another such platform that sells genuine handcrafted items manufactured by local artisans. It doesn’t matter if you’re the product’s creator or a seller of handcrafted goods; it works both ways. Paintings, home decor, accessories, skincare, clothes, and even gifting items are among the product categories they deal with.https://kreateworld.in/

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