The Rising Demand of Handmade Products


The demand for handmade items has risen significantly all over the globe. Products made by the local artisans are considered to be unique and of high quality and it is one of the most important reasons for the rising demand of such goods.

Quirkiness, constrained availability, and brand story are some of the characteristics that influence demand of handmade products. Customers want to buy goods that are one-of-a-kind like a bold pink jewellery set, have a sense of history, and have deep great stories. These features give off a feeling of connectedness. People are drawn to product narrative connecting elements because they allow the owner to infuse a bit of their personal life story into their decor and fashion accessories.

The need for unique, limited-edition things will continue to grow, making handmade items an important part of any store offering. Handmade is the latest “add on” or “up sell” trend for both big and small businesses. Customers nowadays choose products or handmade gift that is more personalized and customized.


An interview of Piyush Makwawna who succeeded in a business of handcrafts.

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