About Us

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Welcome To Kora

Kora was established in 2020 focusing on hand-painted tote bags initially. As Kora has been growing tremendously it has now moved towards other handmade objects with various options.

The brand name ‘KORA’ is take from the Urdu word ‘کورا’. The meaning of the word is, ‘Empty” or ‘Vacant’. The fabric that is raw and unbleached is known as ‘کورا کَپڑا’. The color of the cloth is off-white/cream with a blend of white, brown and grey.

Kora started off with simple painted tote bags made out of canvas fabric. As artists and being a major in painting we had come up with the idea of artistic hand-painted tote bags. While we paint on canvases and paper we thought of taking the love for painting onto something portable. For the bags to be unique we add a little color to it as we believe that it can add color to your everyday life.